It’s English time

( 3 Голоса (ів) ) 

It’s English time

Class 2


                                                                     Яремчук Людмила Олександрівна

                                                                     вчитель англійської мови

                                                                     Піщанського НВО “ЗОШ I – III ступенів – 

                                                                     дитячий садок”

                                                                     Білоцерківського району

                                                                     Київської області                                                                         

Objectives: by the end of the lesson pupils will be able to

-recognize the upper- and lower- case forms of the letter M and associate them with the sound /m/;

-recognize and identify words;

-practise the numbers;

-energize the class, playing games with feeling flashcards;

-encourage the children to act dialogue;

 -interact with others;

 -play and work cooperatively in teams and pairs.



 Materials: Family and Friends Starter Class book, CD, Feelings flashcards, flashcards with new words and letter M, ropes, stripes, two plates with round and long pasta, two pictures with plasticine words, finger toys,  a ball, colourfull chalk.


Hello song

Good-morning, good-morning, good-morning!

Clap your hands,

Clap, clap, clap!

Stamp your feet,

Stamp, stamp, stamp!

Spin around,

Spin, spin, spin!

All right!


Good-morning, good-morning, good-morning!

Wash your hands,

Wash, wash, wash!

Shake your hands,

Shake, shake, shake!

Brush your teeth,

Brush, brush, brush!

All right!


 (Children join in with the words and  show the actions as they sing)

  Warming up

1.The sun comes up,up,up,  up,up,up,  up,up,up,  up,up,up,

The rain comes down.down,down,  down,down,down,  down,down,down,  down,down,down,

How’s the weather?

How’s the weather?

It’s sunny! It’s sunny! It’s sunny! It’s sunny!

How’s the weather?

How’s the weather?

It’s cloudy! It’s cloudy! It’s cloudy! It’s cloudy!

2.And the sun comes up,up,up,  up,up,up,  up,up,up,  up,up,up,

And the rain comes down.down,down,  down,down,down,  down,down,down,  down,down,down,

How’s the weather?

How’s the weather?

It’s rainy! It’s rainy! It’s rainy! It’s rainy!

How’s the weather?

How’s the weather?

It’s snowy! It’s snowy! It’s snowy! It’s snowy!

3. And the sun comes up,up,up,  up,up,up,  up,up,up,  up,up,up,

And the rain comes down.down,down,  down,down,down,  down,down,down,  down,down,down,

How’s the weather?

How’s the weather?

Then the teacher asks: “How’s the weather?”

The students answers: “It’s …”


Main part of the lesson 

1.Repeating the dialogue, which students know, using  finger toys ( birds Lucy and Lee).


- The teacher represents the dialogue with finger toys on both hands and children repeat as a chorus, showing their fingers:

Two little birds

Sitting in a tree

My name’s Lucy

My name’s Lee

Hello, Lucy

Hello, Lee

Good-bye, Lucy

Good-bye, Lee.

-The teacher demostrates the dialogue with the student , giving him one finger toy.

-Then the teacher and the student change the roles.

-Divide the class into pairs (the ends of the ropes).

-Say the dialogue in pairs and change the roles in pairs.

-The teacher rings a bell to finish.

2.Learning letter M .


-Draw dotted outlines of the letters M and m on the board.

-Facing the board draw the letters in the air for children to copy and say the sound /m/.

-Join the dotted lines on the board and complete the letters.

-Draw more dotted examples on the board and ask children to come and join the dots.

-Listen to the CD and trace the letters with their fingers.

-Children repeat the sounds in chorus and the new words.

-Ask children to name sounds on the board.

-Colour the letters.

-Then the teacher asks:  “What colour is M?”

   Children answers:     “M is red.”

  T:                                         “What is green?”

  C:                                          “m is green.”

-Children  find the cards with letters M and the new words around the class.

-Two children come to the board to show letters and new words.

The teacher says:   “Touch mango!”

The students:  “Here it is.”

The winner is who touches the first.

- Point to the picture of the man eating mango and say: A man eats a mango.

-Class repeats as a chorus after the teacher several times in different intonations and tempo ( slow, fast, loud , quite).

-Listen to the chant.

-Play the chant again, pause and repeat.

-Play the chant and repeat as they listen.

Sorting out

 There are two pictures with plasticine words on them – man and mum. Next tothe pictures there are two plates with long and round pasta.


-Divide the class into two teams (by green and blue stripes).

-Each team stands in a line and each member of the team comes in turn to the picture and stick pasta on the plasticine words, saying: “I like long pasta” or “I like round pasta”.

-When the words are ready, the teacher chooses one student from each team, cover his eyes and students guess the words, touching them.

Song about 9 and 10


Look at all the mums arrive.

6,7,8 and 9

Let’s count all the mums in line.


9 mums, 9 mums, 9


Look at all the dads arrive.


Let’s count all the dads again.


10 dads, 10 dads, 10

  (Children count mums and dads as they sing)

Game “Guess the number”


   -The teacher demostrates the dialogue with the student, writing a number on the student’s back, asking:

  “ What number is it ?”

   The student answers.

   -Then students, sitting at the desks, turn left ( turn right ) and do the same.

Ball game

     Part 1

     The teacher drops a ball to the student, saying the number ( 8 )

     The student says the next number ( 9 )

      Part 2  Pair work

      The student drops a ball to his partner, saying the number ( 10 )

      His partner says the previous number ( 9 )

Revising feeling words

-The teacher holds up Feeling flashcards one at a time, partly covering it with the list of paper and asks children to guess the word and then to repeat in chorus.

Optional activity for practicing opposite words: happy-sad, hungry-thirsty, hot-cold.

-Hold up the card pairs and say the words. Put the card pairs on the board.     Practise them with the class.

-Turn over one of the card in each pair so that only one card is visible. Elicit the words from the class. Then turn over the rest of the cards and elicit the words again.

Mime Feeling words

-The teacher mimes the word, children guess. Then the teacher says this word in a sentence. Eg: “I am happy”. And children repeat. The opposite word the teacher demonstrates, using a finger toy  Froggy and says: “He is sad.”

-At last the teacher asks every student: “How are you?”  And every of them gives different answers. Eg: “I am hot.”

Good-bye song

Clap your hands,

Spin around,

Jump high,


Clap your hands,

Sit down,

Stand up,

One, two, three, four.


Good-bye, good-bye,

Good-bye, good-bye.


Stamp your feet,

Shake your body,

Stand still,


Stamp your feet,

Turn left,

Turn right,

One, two, three, four.


Good-bye, good-bye,

Good-bye, good-bye.

 (Children do the actions as they sing)

























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